We offer a range of commercial pest management solutions and environmental services, tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers and their sectors

Pest Mangement

Our pest management services combine a number of proactive proofing and control methods to ensure that your premises are protected to the highest levels. Our flagship Elite Pest Management service is fully BRC compliant and suitable for those requiring the very best service levels, particularly those operating in the food industry. We carry out regular site inspections at a service level to suit you and provide quick and detailed reports using the latest electronic reporting system. If an urgent problem should occur, we will respond quickly to your call with a 24 hour Emergency call out service available at no extra cost. Our survey and quotation service is FREE of charge.

Inspection Service

To meet the requirements of in-depth inspections, we offer a comprehensive inspection service. We have fully trained Field Biologists who can undertake complete technical audits and where necessary, assist with insect identification.

Bird Control & Netting

Pestproof has extensive experience of dealing with pest bird activity to help keep your premises clear of the fouling and noise of birds. We offer a range of bird control and proofing methods to prevent birds from roosting in and around your buildings including proprietary systems such as Ecopic, SpringWire, Bird Repellent Gel and BirdNet. Where proofing is not practical, other options of humane bird control are available including live trapping, narcotising treatment and gull nursery clearances. All our methods are fully approved by the RSPCA, RSPB, DEFRA and comply with the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Rodent Control

To protect against the risks of contamination and damage caused by rodents, we install and regularly service tamper resistant bait stations in all customer premises. We supply a range of bait stations suitable for rats and mice, in a range of finishes to suit both interior and exterior locations. To help you maintain control, we also take proactive measures to prevent rodents from returning to your buildings, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Insect Control

We offer a number of products and services to protect your premises from the problems of flies and other flying insects.

Plastic Strip curtains & Chain linked doors

To deter birds from entering your premises, we supply and install a range of plastic strip curtain and chain link doors. These are a particularly useful form of protection for high risk environments such as kitchens and food production areas.

Fly Screen & Electric Fly Control Units

Our fly screens are manufactured in-house to ensure an exact fit for your requirements and we have a highly skilled installation team with extensive experience of fly-screening to ensure you get the best possible protection. We also supply a range of electric fly control units suitable for use in all types of environment including front of house. We offer a complete after-sale service and ongoing maintenance facility and if required, a full catch tray analysis service.


Pestproof has a fully trained and certificated fumigation team experienced in all aspects of the fumigation process. Fumigation can be carried out against a full range of pests with full compliance to export regulations. We also use various methods of ULV (Ultra Low Volume fogging and misting).

Pest Awareness Training

To encourage and support ongoing proactive pest prevention and to aid the identification and understanding of pests amongst your team, we offer a range of comprehensive pest awareness training courses. Available on and off site, our highly skilled and experienced Pest Technicians deliver a range of courses bespoke to your individual needs.

Hygiene Services

To complement our pest management and specialist cleaning services, we offer a comprehensive hygiene service. This includes a reliable and efficient feminine hygiene service and a range of the latest hygienic washroom products including air fresheners, hand driers and soap dispensers. We also supply and maintain water management systems to comply with Water Bylaw’s 76 & 83.

Washroom Management

Complete washroom management packages including sanitary disposal, hand soaps, air fresheners, urinal dosing and water control systems and hand dryers.

Silo Cleaning

We complete internal and external cleaning to flour, grain and other bulk storage silos. With our specialist confined space cleaning team we have extensive experience in routine and emergency cleaning to bulk silos.

High Level Cleaning

Our high level access trained team are able to use a variety of safe access methods to clean the hard to reach areas in food factories and storage facilities. With IPAF and PASMA trained technicians we are qualified to erect tower scaffolding and use cherry pickers and scissor lifts where appropriate.

Sharps and Biohazard Cleaning

Our trained team are able to deal with any situation. Sharps inspection and removal service together with biohazard waste cleaning and removal allow for quick recovery of difficult situations.